Visiting the Very First Patisserie of the ‘Sweet Assassin’

Fast Facts
Name: Adriano Zumbo Patissier
Location: 296 Darling St, Balmain NSW
Speciality: Unique & aesthetic desserts and Macarons
Time Visited: 12:30pm
Seating: None

The Destination

If you’re like me and are confident in your sense of direction, don’t forgot to look up to find the sign because chances are, you’ll walk past this tiny boutique without knowing!

I like the fact that because it’s so small (the walking space’s width will only fit two average-sized people), you can get close and cosy with the desserts. The flip side is that if it’s busy, it will be a battle to have comfortable decision making in such a tight space.

For first-timers, please be aware that this is designed as a takeaway store, so if you had planned to eat your selections straight away, there is a food court nearby to assist in your indulgence. My friend and I went to the frozen yogurt place a few shops down, bought a beverage from there and consumed our goodies! And goodies they were; have a look at these!

The Treasure

Opening the Zumbo box was like opening a Christmas present, even though I already knew what was inside, I couldn’t help but feel so excited!

Malt & Teaser - $9.50

I started off with Adriano Zumbo’s gorgeously complex approach to the average malteaser. It was such a work of art, I felt so sinful for penetrating it with my spoon. I must say, it was definitely being a tease. The hard upper shell of the chocolate sphere and the softness of bottom layer containing the chocolate sabayon mousse made it slightly difficult to cut out a nice piece, as the upper shell would sink in. Eventually the upper shell cracked open nicely to reveal what every sweet-tooth lives for...

...chocolate sabayon mousse, malt dacquoise, almond crunch, vanilla cremeaux and malt bavarois. Sound like a mouthful? Make sure it is, because it is absolutely amazing. The texture was fantastic and elements married together superbly for a pleasurable experience. Perhaps a tad rich, but if you’re a true chocoholic; you will be in pure bliss. The delicacy was finished with a salty chocolate sable crumb and a dark chocolate glaze. This is the one dessert that would ensure my return!

It's Friday - $9.00

Next up was this beautiful, fruity dessert, which complemented the warm weather in which it was consumed. I really enjoyed how the pistachio dacquoise base was light and moist with gooey lime basil crème situated in the middle.

Most of the flavour came from the juicy mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and grapes. The berry flavour explosion was evened out by the dacquoise base, making for a fantastic dessert that didn’t feel like it was packing on the calories.

Lemon Meringue Tart - $9.00

Lastly, this lemon meringue tart would have been exceptional if it wasn’t for a few little nags. A common problem with lemon meringue tarts is that the lemon flavour overpowers the entire dessert, often leading to a cringe at every bite. After eating through this half way, the lemon seemed to increase in strength, and there was a need to consume more meringue with every bite. The sable base was also quite hard, but other than that, it was a very pleasant and visually-appealing dessert.

The Dessertification

Whenever you visit an Adriano Zumbo venture, there is always a very high level of standard that can be expected when it comes to his desserts and sweet creations. In terms of expectations overall these were met but had not gone far beyond.

His specialty in desserts and the fame that surrounds his work often comes at a steep price. As such, paying $9 for a slightly-above-average lemon meringue tart was a letdown.On the flip-side, the amount of perceived work put into the Malt & Teaser dessert, and how amazing it tasted, certainly would justify its price. Either way, there’s a slim chance you will come back disappointed from any Zumbo-inspired patisserie.

I have been dessertified!

Have you been dessertified by Adriano Zumbo? Tell me more, below!


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