Best in Brunch: John Smith Cafe, Waterloo

Fast Facts
Name: John Smith Cafe
Location: 1 John St, Waterloo NSW
Time Visited: 10:30am
Store Hours: 6:30am – 4pm Weekdays & 7am – 5pm Weekends
Seating: Indoor

The Destination

[Insert Cinematic Movie Trailer Voice-over]
He lived a life of freedom. He travelled to wherever the scent of great food took him...

They were specialists in the art of coffee. They envisioned opening a place where they could serve up a spectacular blend...

Although their world's were (slightly) different; their destinies were one. Dessertified Pictures presents: the famous and delicious love story of Pocahontas, The Foodie and John Smith, The Cafe.

Okay not really, but here's a few reasons why you'll fall in love with John Smith Cafe!

Bar-style seating isn't my cup of tea when it comes to dining, but this cafe has helped changed this perception. Seriously, who wouldn't love a serene backdrop of hand-picked greenery, soothing your senses as you prepare to dive into an appetising menu? However, if you fancy being seated more traditionally then not to worry; John Smith has your bum comfortableness sorted.

John Smith emphasises their quality of coffee more than anything else on the menu, which is why you'll experience an awesome blend (get it?!) of rustic and raw design elements complete with a bad-arse drip station. But if you're like me, you'll surely be searching for the sweeter side of this Haus.

Ohhh yeah. A cabinet full of Brewnuts from Brewtown Newtown. Not sure what will accompany your coffee or tea better than these!

The Treasure

Coffee and Brewnuts aside, the food items were the only things that would essentially remedy our grumbling stomachs.

Braised Pulled Pork Burger - $12.00

My boy Barkley was quick to 'shotgun' this tongue-tingling menu choice when his eyes were captivated by this burger's ingredients. Pulled pork, coriander & mango chutney, Swiss cheese and cabbage slaw nicely enclosed in a soft yet crunchy bun. Even if Corey Worthington (that infamous teen party animal) was a burger, he wouldn't be able to throw a better mouth party than this piece of excellence.

And then it happened. Barkley added a pinch of Sea Salt to further ignite thy taste-buds. Even without the addition of salt but, the flavours were on point and the pork was cooked perfectly!

Chicken Burger - $12.00

What sold me about this burger was the combination of lemon pepper chicken and lime & chilli aioli. The burger itself was pleasant to eat but left a lot to be desired when compared to its seductive colleague - the Pulled Pork Burger.

Eggs Benedict with Daily Greens & Braised Pulled Pork - $17.00

So, we almost left without experiencing this plate of amazement. We noticed Eggs Benedict and Pulled pork on the menu but weren't as intrigued to order it instead of our above choices of cuisine. And what a mistake that would have been if it wasn't for the awesome manager who encouraged that we try it.

Look past the beautiful layer of melted Swiss cheese. Don't give in to the temptation of piercing those perfectly poached eggs. Refrain just a second before devouring the exceptionally-cooked pulled pork and unlocking it's delicious flavour. Why, you ask?

Because that little bit of salad, was hands down one of the best additions to a dish I've ever had the privilege to experience. Citrus-y, tangy, fruity and refreshing, this tiny piece of heaven was the X-factor of the entire plate, which was already so darn good!

The Dessertification

If you know me; you know I've never had a palette for coffee, but appreciate it's many scents and sweeter varieties (Mocha, I'm looking at you). But John Smith isn't all about specially hand-brewed coffees. It's about igniting your senses from all different angles and serving up a plate that will surely not disappoint. Pocahontas found her love for John Smith, but will you finally find your culinary love at John Smith Cafe? Guess you'll have to go and find out! Until then...

I have been dessertified!

What's your ultimate egg-inspired cuisine, let me know below!

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