Best in Brunch: Trio Cafe, Bondi

Fast Facts
Name: Trio Cafe
Location: 56 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach NSW
Time Visited: 11:15am
Store Hours: 7:30am – 3:30pm Weekdays & 8am – 4pm Weekends
Seating: Indoor & some outdoor

Welcome to the first installment of the 'Best in Brunch' series dear readers! In the pursuit to find the most amazing desserts around, I've stumbled across some serious diamonds hidden in Sydney's food scene that you need to know about. Enjoy!

The Destination

Searching for fantastic breakfast or brunch places to eat at can be a challenging task at times. But finding day eateries that blow your mind as soon as you take a seat, and that instantly transport you to your favourite holiday destination, is often unheard of...until now. Let me take you on a unique culinary journey like no other in Sydney.

I once came across a beautiful and simply awe-inspiring picture of the Hiller Lake in Western Australia, more commonly known as the Pink Lake. It looks like this:

When you take a trip to Trio Cafe at Bondi Beach, you can appreciate the pristine location and its uncanny relativity to the Pink Lake. If you choose to sit outside on a lovely, sunny day, you can inhale the beautiful breeze of Bondi as you gaze upon its beauty.

But if you choose to sit inside, you can take a seat on the oh-so comfy couches and admire the gorgeous decor whilst coming to the realisation that yes, you are in for a real treat.

The Treasure

Trio Breakfast Burrito - 19.00

If you're used to having Macca's for breakfast after being a certain level of alcoholic the night before, then you will be happy to learn about this epic hangover cure. Shredded chorizo chilli and scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and chilli, accompanied by a pepper and lime salsa, guacamole and two warm tortillas will most certainly throw an awesome party of flavours in your mouth.

Served deconstructed, this bad boy should be enough for two people (since they should be saving room for dessert of course!) and will ensure an excellent and totally flavoursome start to your day.

Shakshouka (Middle-Eastern Breakfast) - $19.00

Where my vegetarian friends at! You folks really need to try this. It's a shame the Middle-East is often on the media for all the wrong reasons as I would love the challenge in finding a better combination of eggs poached in smokey tomato ragout with a side of beautiful Turkish bread and marvelous hummus. Superb!

Ringo's Smokin' Open Sandwich - $22.00

It's troubling to select a favourite amongst the food here but this baby is definitely right up there. Free-range chicken breast resting on a bed of semi-dried tomato mayo, Spanish onion and granny-smiths (apples, can you believe it?!), topped with crispy bacon and melted cheddar cheese all on some soft sourdough bread. Holy moly. Amazing how perfectly all of the elements come together, particularly the thin slices of apple, which add a hint of sweetness and an awesome crunch.

Nutella French Toast - $18.50

Just when you think the food at Trio couldn't get any better; BANG! In comes the Nutella French Toast made on brioche with caramelised bananas and hazelnut crumble. The Nutella is so well textured, it embodies itself into the brioche like a warm velvety blanket. The hazelnut crumble was simply game-changing, doing its best impression of tiny pop rocks which add crunchiness and tingly-ness to your palette.

The bread was so soft yet firm on the outside, I even contemplated replacing my sleeping pillow with it. I was just blown away by this dish as a whole. The caramelised bananas increased the sweetness of the dish 10-fold, but other than that, it was absolutely divine.

The Dessertification

I'm going to be honest with you (well I always am, but you get it), Trio Cafe has been my number one brunch spot in all of Sydney for some time now, and is yet to be dethroned. Perfect location, super friendly and knowledgeable staff and above all, spectacular food. Middle-Eastern breakfast fusion has never tasted better! So, are you going next weekend of what! (I would have said this weekend instead of next, but you might need to book a week in advance, they're that busy!)

I have been dessertified!

Have you found your favourite brunch place yet? I'd love to know!


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