5 Star Pastry? You Mean Black Star Pastry!

Fast Facts
Name: Black Star Pastry
Location: 277 Australia St, Newtown NSW
Speciality: Strawberry & Watermelon Cake
Time Visited: 2:00pm
Seating: Minimal indoor & some outdoor



The Destination

It seems as though all of Sydney has ventured out to Newtown’s most famous and growing brand of bakery, Black Star Pastry. With so much traction gained over the last few years, I simply could not wait to visit and discover the source of its popularity.

Personally, I love driving to most places because I can avoid the hustle and bustle of riding on Sydney’s generally busy transport networks. Newtown is not the most accommodating suburb for avid drivers, as there is a strong risk of not finding a parking spot, let alone one close to Black Star Pastry. However, if you don’t mind getting a train, it’s only a few stops from Central Station!

I managed to find a parking spot 10 minutes away from Black Star, which wasn’t too bad seeing as though I was about to embark on a diet-destructive adventure. Of course, as expected, there was a solid line extending out to the street as I approached Black Star.

Black Star walks a fine line between sit-in cafe and takeaway pastry shop. The store is tiny but homely, offering you a vibe that suggests you should bring a book and stay for some time whilst you drink and eat. At the same time, and as a result of its popularity, you may feel the need to instead takeaway your order and enjoy it at somewhere more comfortable, as it gets quite cramped and tight.

If you don’t manage to get a seat inside, you may get lucky to sit outside. Getting lucky applies only to finding a seat however, as the wooden crate-looking seats are quite uncomfortable and low to the ground, making it difficult to enjoy your food and overall experience.

For those who won’t be dining at Black Star and are opting for takeaway, you’re in for a real treat (you’ll still love the food if you eat there)!

The Treasure

The moment of truth! The famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake sat ever so gorgeously in front of me, almost begging me to try it already. I then picked up my spoon...

Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Scented Cream - $7.00

Effortlessly, the spoon penetrates the cake stopping at the watermelon layer which, without much force, breaks through for a nice slice. Such fragrance, such freshness, you’re met with the heavenly fruitful matrimony of strawberries and watermelon.

The two layers of almond dacquoise and whipped cream balance the flavoursome and somewhat acidic texture of the fruits harmoniously, delivering a light creamy texture with each bite. Decorated with Iranian Pistachios and rose petals, each element of this dish makes for an award-wining and well-balanced dessert. Oh, and it is gluten free!

Pistachio Lemon Zen Garden - $7.00

I went back inside to return my plate when I noticed the above cake, which wasn’t on display when I arrived. The abundance and popularity of the Strawberry Watermelon Cake overshadowed my knowledge of this particular cake, so my intrigue led me to give it a try.

This blew my mind.

Imagine a spoonful of rich, creamy white chocolate mixed with pistachio and lemon curd set upon a chocolate biscuit base. Like the name suggests, you enter a state of Zen, where the tangy essence of the lemon, the not-too-sweetness of the white chocolate, and the nutty texture of the dacquoise layers and chocolate biscuit base complement each other flawlessly. If you go to Black Star looking to satisfy your sweet-tooth, please, have this.

The Dessertification

If I was a local, I would be here every day. I came here to try the Strawberry Watermelon Cake but left by falling entirely in love with the Pistachio Lemon Zen Garden. As a dessert-enthusiast, it just ticked all the right boxes when it comes to eating sweet foods, in terms of taste, presentation and complexity.

Perhaps it was simply about expectations, where the Strawberry Watermelon cake did well to deliver on huge expectations, and the Pistachio Lemon Zen Garden swept me right off my feet for which I had only relative expectations.

Overall, Black Star Pastry is exceptional and is highly recommended. If you haven’t been yet, it is time, because...

I have been dessertified!

Have you been dessertified by Black Star Pastry? Tell me more, below!

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