To the (Cow &) Moon and Back

Fast Facts
Name: Cow & Moon Artisan Gelato
Location: 181 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW
Speciality: Award-winning Gelato & Ice creams
Time Visited: 9:00pm
Seating: Indoor and Outdoor

The Destination

“We’re going to the Cow & Moon for dessert” I told my friends after a great dinner at the Bank’s Thai Restaurant down the road. “Excuse me while I get my spaceship ready” joked one of my friends.

Little did we know, that we were about to experience some truly out-of-this-world Gelato.

Don’t be surprised that the beginning of your Cow & Moon experience may actually start from outside the store. In other words, like any spectacle that offers viewers something amazing; you can expect a whole line of people waiting in front of you to enjoy one of Australia’s most honoured Ice-creameries.

By honoured, I mean it has legitimately achieved a plethora of awards and recognition for excellence, in all things Gelato.

As you look around and admire the awards, the decor, the artwork and of course, the desserts, you can’t help but appreciate that this place is full of imagination, ideas and stories.

Imagine you were on a date and for some reason you couldn’t think of anything to start a conversation with. Simply look down onto the table you’re sitting at and voila! The tables play host to weird and wonderful animations, which are laminated onto the tabletops to conveniently spur conversation.

If anything, the array of desserts that surround you should be enough to excite and tease your senses. Take a look!

The Treasure

One by one, we made the decisions of our lives, carefully choosing flavours based on attractiveness, personal preference and asking the friendly and helpful staff for some background whilst sampling some of the flavours. We then sat down with grins all around and got right down to business.

Never have I been amazed by Gelato or Ice-cream as I was on this occasion. Normally the first thing I would pay close attention to would be the taste or flavour of the food I have just placed into my mouth.  However for the first few moments, I just could not draw my attention away from how gorgeous the texture of each Gelato was. It was perfection. Soft, silky smooth, creamy and comforting are some of the words to describe it. This is something you simply must experience. My trio of heavenly flavours are outlined below!

Medium Cup which comes with 3 Scoops - $6.50

Spagnola (Sour Cherry) – The flavours in this gelato enter your mouth with a certain kind of freshness. The vanilla opens up your tastebuds as if to prepare them for the sudden but graceful impact of the Cherry. Even though the name says it’s sour cherry, the actual sourness balances really well with the aromatic floral notes of the vanilla, giving you a nice and slightly tangy aftertaste. This Gelato keeps you coming back for more, so it’s best to leave your diet at home.

Bella Chocolate – There comes a time in a chocoholic’s life where he or she is met with the one chocolate-based product that defines the very existence of why that person is a chocoholic. You need to be careful, dear chocoholic, that once you try this, you may begin to feel as if nothing else is needed in life, bar this particular gelato. Put simply, it is everything a chocolate ice-cream should be: sweet but not too sweet, super creamy with the amazing texture described above, an essence of dark chocolate and is extraordinarily satisfying to a sweet-tooths’ tastebuds. Bella (or beautiful in Italian) Chocolate is indeed as its name suggests, beautiful.

Pistachio – For all the not-so-sweet-loving people out there, this one is for you! The flavour of a pistachio is often quite strong, which is why it’s more used for garnishing than a true core ingredient. Cow & Moon have done well to translate the wonderful tastes of pistachios by minimising the overbearing strength of it’s flavour while keeping the taste true to it’s name. So what you have here is the essence of pistachios embedded throughout the Gelato, coupled with real pistachio pieces to add good crunch

On a special note, I was lucky enough to try the Hazelnut Roche flavour from one of my friends, which was almost as phenomenal as the Bella Chocolate in my opinion (my friend thought otherwise because she loves hazelnut!). Think Ferrero-Rocher-like, in Ice-cream form, but better. This flavour will definitely be on my menu the next time I visit, it was probably one of the best hazelnut Gelatos I have ever had!

The Dessertification

Let’s just say that I will be back here way more often than not. If you are in or around Enmore and Newtown, please, you really should take a trip to Cow & Moon. I cannot even comprehend unearthly the quality of Gelato is, and I am aching to go back! This is unquestionably my new favourite spot for Gelato!

I have been dessertified!

Have you been dessertified by Cow & Moon? Tell me more, below!


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