Get the car; we’re going to Daisy’s Milkbar!

Fast Facts
Name: Daisy's Milkbar
Location: 340 Stanmore Rd, Petersham NSW
Time Visited: 1:15pm
Store Hours: 7am – 3pm Weekdays (Closed Tues) & 8am - 3pm Weekends
Seating: Indoor & some outdoor

The Destination

Let's be honest; the last time you ventured into a Milkbar of any kind was either to pick up some last minute milk bottles attractively dressed in your best PJ's, or as a school child spending the last of your lunch money on a few packets of 'Zappos' and sour gummies. But what if that Milkbar was instead an awesome hang-out spot, complete with a cool atmosphere, delicious beverages and, of course, amazing desserts? Sounds like a dream but at Daisy's Milkbar, it's a reality.

That warm, fuzzy feeling. It's the feeling you get when you meet your crush for the first time. It is also the feeling you get when you step inside Daisy's Milkbar and notice the wonderful hues of blue, pink and yellow whilst being smilingly greeted by co-owner, Jess. This spot is so 1950s/60s that you'd almost expect to see a not-so-baller Don Draper (Mad Men) reading a newspaper while sipping on some delicious Double Roasters Coffee.

Speaking of beverages, Daisy's Milkbar rocks some pretty unique and totally filling milkshakes, with a new flavour every week! And we all have that one friend who frequently locks his wallet in a secure vault but never fear; this place has free cordial on offer for our penny-pinching acquaintances!

But when you see this... know things are about to get serious!

The Treasure

Milkshake of the Week: Nutella - $7.00

Nutella in a milkshake; how good could it be? Ridiculously good. If there was one beverage to unite every chocoholic in this world, it would be this shake. This thing is so big, I was regretting eating a large meal beforehand, as I simply couldn't finish it!

The best part about it was the clumps of Nutella floating around this sizable drink. My only setback was that the texture was so thick, my suction engine needed to constantly be in 6th gear. But hey, at Daisy's Milkbar, no one will judge you for using two straws - instant success!

Chocolate Fudge Sundae - $14.00

'They' say food tastes better when shared. This is clearly the ideology behind the portion size of this dessert! Essentially, this is a bowl of divine surprises. One moment you're indulging in a spoonful of whipped cream and strawberry jam ice cream, and the next moment you could be devouring a warm piece of walnut brownie with Serendipity chocolate ice cream and toasted faked almonds. No doubt, one of the best sundaes I've ever had.

Salted Caramel Banana Split - $14.00

*heavy breathing*

I'm just going to tell you what's in it, and you can call the folks and get the car ready accordingly. Chocolate, vanilla bean and strawberry jam ice cream from Serendipity with salted caramel sauce (now you're talking), honeyed macadamias (OMG, Daisy, please) and caramel crackle (take my money, just take it). As you eat and cry at the same time from the copious calories you're ingesting, know that there are bananas in there also...if that's any consolation.

The Dessertification

Daisy's Milkbar is one of the coolest, retro-styled dessert venues I've been to in Sydney. If perfectly decadent, shareable desserts, wicked shakes and homely service doesn't warrant a trip here, then I'm not sure what will. Now excuse me while I search for a property in Petersham...

I have been dessertified!

Where's the best sundae you've had, tell me below!


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