Dessert Detox with Earth to Table!

Fast Facts
Name: Earth to Table
Location: 85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction NSW
Speciality: Raw Vegan guilt-free desserts
Time Visited: 12:30pm
Store Hours: 9am - 5pm Wed to Sun
Seating: Indoor

The Destination

How many times have you ever had a dessert that tastes absolutely amazing but doesn't destroy your diet? Probably not too many. However, when you visit Earth to Table in Bondi, you're in for satisfyingly unique and delicious experience.

If desserts were suffering from years of enslavement then this venue would be their paradise of freedom. Gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free and, wait for it, sugar-free. With so much freedom from the common essences that create desserts, how on Earth can such mind-blowing sweets be made? Clearly Bondi locals know the secret, and if you're like me and visit on the weekend, be sure to expect a line.

The creative geniuses at Earth to Table frequently come up with sinful yet healthy desserts, constantly bridging the gap between organic/Paleo and processed foods. They even provide you with the option to purchase key ingredients used in their distinctive delicacies.

Thought hasn't only gone into the food and beverages as the ambiance, particularly at the back of the cafe, instantly transports you to a place of tranquility where the only thing missing is a giant waterfall.

The Treasure

Before digging into some seriously wholesome and natural food, there is no way you can look past trying Earth to Table's rawsome smoothies!

Give Me Beauty (front) - $8.50 and Give Me Love (back) - $8.90

'Give Me Beauty' - If you're a guy, tell your partner or female friend to order on your behalf. Asking someone you'd like a "Give Me Beauty please" isn't the easiest thing to say while keeping a straight face! But, this not-so-tiny beverage is totally worth it, packed with coconut milk, berries, macqui and vanilla "to make you glow".

'Give Me Love' - Everyone needs a bit of love, and nothing says "I love you" like chocolate does. This is a raw chocolate superfood smoothie with maca, goji and lucuma. If you're like me and have never heard of these ingredients before, just know that this smoothie tastes fantastic and is filled with nutrients!

Dolmas with 'Tzaziki' Sauce - $11.50

This Middle Eastern-inspired dish looks tiny, but is packed full of flavour. Consuming this with the homemade tzaziki-style sauce delivers a vibrant and somewhat refreshing taste, adequately preparing you for the main course.

Pesto Pasta - $16.90

The raw food movement emphasises the preparation and consumption of food in it's most natural state as a form of sustainable living. So if you expect cooked pasta to arrive in front of you then think again. Earth to Table's delicious take on pesto pasta in the form of zucchini linguini will have you surprised and feeling like a million bucks!

Triple Berry Coconut - $9.90

Isn't this just the most beautiful presentation you've seen in a while? The moistness you may be sensing on your tongue right now is similar to the texture of this dessert, where your spoon simply sinks in until it makes impact with the crunchy cacao base.

Mind. Blown. Think summery tanginess, mixed with vanilla, coconut and chocolate with a nutty essence added via that crunchy base. From the moment of sight right through to the first bite, this guilt-free dessert is truly spectacular!

Chocolate Hazelnut Bomb - $9.90

Still recuperating from my mind being blown from the previous dessert, this cake-like delicacy sustained the amazement until my departure. It was the perfect marriage of chocolate mousse with a strong helping of fresh hazelnuts. Further garnishing with more hazelnuts, cashews, dates and a hint of salt completed a, yet again, beautifully presented dessert.

The Dessertification

Earth to Table is the optimal mental and culinary escape, where you enter a relaxed and serine atmosphere while experiencing phenomenal dishes that will cleanse your stomach as well as your soul. Yes, you should definitely start your delicious detox tomorrow because...

I have been dessertified!

Have you experienced raw/vegan desserts like this before? I'd love to hear your thoughts, below!

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