Are you Hungary for some Kürtősh?

The Brief

Name: Kürtősh House No. 3
Location: 110 - 112 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest, NSW
Speciality: Hungarian pastries and cakes
Time Visited: 2:00pm
Seating: Primarily Indoor


The Destination


I believe that if you love your desserts, there’s a good chance that you like Nutella. So if you like Nutella, it’s near impossible for you to walk past a window of a shop, without taking a peak in to find a larger-than-life size tub staring back at you. What’s even more interesting is to find what appeared to be giant-sized doughnuts, being carefully prepared for eager customers waiting in line.

And just like that, you are soon to become one of those customers, eagerly waiting in line. The curiosity leads you inside to find a small collection of the giant-sized doughnuts placed in front of a cheerful-looking chef, who is ready to answer the onslaught of questions you may be aching to ask.

“What. Is that?” I question, as I point to one of the four creations above. The chef went on to give a brief introduction into the world of traditional Hungarian pastries. It turns out that these weren’t giant-sized doughnuts (rookie) but are Chimney Cakes, also known as Kürtőskalacs or simply, Kürtősh. He then recommended trying their Cinnamon Kürtősh, as this was the ‘original’ and most popular type.

The Kürtősh is made fresh, giving you the opportunity to explore the other attractive delicacies within the store.

The Kürtősh house rocks out a traditional European villa theme mixed with intimate lighting, to deliver the feeling of homeliness, relaxation and comfort.  Space is definitely a non issue. In fact, at times it felt as though there was so much space that something was missing. This feeling long surpasses once you tuck in to the delicacies however.

The Treasure

“Sir, your Kürtősh is ready!” exclaimed the friendly chef after approximately seven minutes. I opted for takeaway as my dessertified adventure was under time constraint thanks to work. However, I simply couldn’t resist trying it on the spot! So I took the nearest chair and anxiously sat down.

It‘s beautiful. The warmth embraces your hand as you carefully remove the Kürtősh from the paper bag. As you set it down, the lightness of it surprises you whilst traces of cinnamon attach to your fingertips, almost begging you to lick them off.

The outside of the cylindrical structure is golden brown and crispy, boasting enough cinnamon to add a good amount of sweetness. The insides are characterised by the smooth softness of the dough, where the level of moisture isolated the crunch of the outer side even more, without feeling soggy or leaving any residue in your mouth.

You’ll love how easily a piece would break off into a convenient size. I would highly recommend trying this with your coffee or tea, as it would act as a perfect compliment with a hot beverage. The Cinnamon, Coconut and Hazelnut options were $7.50 each, while the Nutella Special was $9.50.

It’s not so easy finding a carrot cake that your mother will instantly fall in love with. “It’s too sweet”;”there’s too much cream”;”is this even carrot cake?” are some of the many dis-satisfactions my mum has had with carrot cakes over the years. Kürtősh, as part of their wide selection of cakes, happened to also have a very visually appealing carrot cake. Each of their cakes are priced by weight, and the Carrot Cake below was priced at $4.00 per 100g.

She loved it. She had no complaints whatsoever. The cake tasted so fresh and natural that I could actually appreciate the fact that they used carrots. Walnuts were embedded nicely within the soft and pleasing texture of the cake whilst the sweetness was balanced throughout. Unlike other carrot cakes in the past, the cream didn’t overpower the whole cake with sugar and did a great job in enhancing the flavours within the cake itself. An excellent cake that resulted in an extremely happy mother; what more could you ask for!

The Dessertification

Kürtősh House is really quite impressive. I enjoyed my first ever Kürtősh experience although it would be something I’d enjoy a lot more had I eaten this alongside a hot chocolate. Even though the cinnamon Kürtősh didn’t blow my mind, I am now absolutely keen to try the Hazelnut Kürtősh with Nutella spread inside.

As for the Carrot Cake, I am extremely impressed. I am not a huge fan of Carrot Cake as, for me; chocolate-oriented cakes usually gain first preference. However, this one really surprised me in a great way. I simply cannot wait to try more of their cakes in the future, especially if they are better than the Carrot Cake.

I have been dessertified!

Have you been dessertified by a Kürtősh House? Tell me more, below!

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