A Trip to Italy via RivaReno Gelato!

Fast Facts
Name: RivaReno Gelato
Location: 280 Crown St, Darlinghurst NSW
Speciality: Pure Italian Gelato
Time Visited: 1:30pm
Store Closes: Late
Seating: Indoor

The Destination

I was lucky to be asked to come into RivaReno Gelato and experience a unique and true Italian standard of Gelato. I was lucky in the sense that this was the day I was soon to taste the finest in quality of gelato available in Sydney to date.

Most Ice-creameries or Gelato places I have visited are usually designed to encourage takeaway orders, often characterised with very limited seating arrangements and over-the-counter transactions. From the moment you step into RivaReno Gelato, you feel accommodated by the modern interior design, decent seating and funky Deep House music playing in the background. It’s great to see that Manager Kieran Tosolini has gone above and beyond to enrich your Gelato experience.

“But where’s the gelato?!?” you ask? If you’ve been to any amazing Italian restaurants, you may have noticed that they don’t ever show pictures of the food to aid in selection. This is because Italians, and the folks at RivaReno Gelato, believe in delivering everything you read on the menu and more, in the way it’s described. There might have been times when you’ve bought something based upon how it looked, and then it tasted completely different. To avoid this, RivaReno informs you of their ingredients in detail and assist you in making the right decision by giving you the option to try before you buy.

“Why can’t they just be displayed!” you say? It’s all about optimal storage to ensure the highest quality. True to traditional Italian Artisan Gelato-making, RivaReno creates small freshly-made batches of each flavour without any preservatives (as opposed to mass-manufactured frozen Gelato) and stores them in stainless steel cylinders to lock in the freshness and flavour, and to maintain the amazingly creamy texture. As such, you definitely won’t experience a brain-numbing icy texture, which is prevalent amongst other Gelato places.

RivaReno is all about creating and maintaining the highest level of quality. Everything is made in their onsite laboratory by sourcing and importing only the best raw materials and ingredients, such as hazelnuts from Northern Italy and Pistachios from the Sicilian town of Bronte. They don’t tend to use much sugar in their Gelato to emphasise the real taste of the flavours.

Check out their house-made Gelato goodies!

The Treasure

After trying an array of different Gelato flavours and toppings, I managed to narrow my favourites to the two below.

'Alice' in Small Cup - $4.90

There is no doubt why this flavour of Gelato is one of RivaReno’s most popular. Real Mascarpone Cheese is made into a creamy and delicate texture where it is married with Marsala ‘Vergine Soleras’; a wine that is denoted by its essence of candied orange, toasted almonds and spicy vanilla, giving it a warm nutted and pleasant finish.

The Gelato was garnished with this absolutely amazing sauce called Gianduja sauce, which is like a gorgeous version of melted Nutella. I could drink only that and travel to heaven, so this entire Gelato flavour was so very delicious.

'Mango Heera' In Small Cup - $4.90

I’ve never had a gelato or ice cream that tasted exactly like a really fresh mango, until I had this. Beautiful, smooth and consistent texture with an abundance of flavour, it is the perfect blend of imported Alpine Milk, Yoghurt and Premium Indian Alfonso Mango. It delivered a moment of appreciation, of just how much effort goes into making such fresh and well-crafted quality Gelato.

The Dessertification

This was sort of an eye-opening experience for me, as I have now experienced the benchmark in how Gelato should be crafted and enjoyed. Sure it comes at a price, but so does quality! Italians have their best kept secret in the heart of Darlinghurst, and it’s time all of us get the chance to experience true Gelato. Why travel all the way to Italy when you can have amazing Gelato right here?

I have been dessertified!

Have you been dessertified by RivaReno? Tell me more, below!

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