All Aboard the Train to Heaven…First Stop, Strawberry Fields!

Fast Facts
Name: Strawberry Fields Patisserie
Location: 420 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill NSW
Speciality: Creative & awe-inspiring cakes and pastries
Time Visited: 10:30am
Seating: Outdoor only


The Destination

I’m going to get straight to the point. This is the best patisserie I have visited so far.

Never in my wildest dreams had I expected to visit Dulwich Hill to discover the very doorstep leading to sweet heaven.  From the positive reviews and comments made about Strawberry Fields prior to my journey, I instantly knew there was something special about this place. You will see why, as you read on. I also got to try out my new camera! I’m still learning but I hope you like what you see!

Arriving in the morning is advised when visiting Strawberry Fields Patisserie. You will not only avoid lengthy waiting times, but you’ll really get to experience the very relaxed and chilled environment this patisserie tries to encapsulate.

It’s the kind of place that will get you out of bed better than you’re alarm, so don’t be surprised to see locals lining up their pyjamas!

From the simplicity of the outdoor area, you step into the world of Strawberry Fields, greeted almost instantly by creativity and uniqueness. So personable is the decor of this boutique, the feeling of homeliness will be further aided by the super friendly and interpersonal staff members.

This creativity and thought-inspiring effort translates right across the store into the culinary delights Strawberry Fields has to offer. Your senses will be at war with one another, as mouth-watering desserts seduce you visually, whilst your scent draws you to the smell of freshly-baked, award-winning Quiches and Sausage Rolls.

The Treasure

I really wished I could have tried everything that day since there were so many enticing choices! After some consultation with a staff member, I went with two house favourites and one dessert of my choosing. We also chose to try the ‘Dear Prudence’ Quiche for my vegetarian friend, which was delicious!

Champagne & Strawberry Mousse - $5.20

As any normal man would, I went for the most prettiest of the three desserts chosen on this day. This is the type of dessert you would absolutely love on a hot summer’s day. So refreshing and so light, you won’t feel like you need to go for a 5km run afterwards. This beautifully crafted dessert actual has three layers, of which, two you can see and one you discover as you take the first bite. As a result, please excuse the cutting; we were a little too excited!

A silky smooth and very flavoursome strawberry mousse layer sits on top, and surrounds, a moist cake base. Sitting on top of the mousse layer is a delicately thin layer of champagne jelly, which almost certainly will not increase your blood alcohol limit. Two strawberry halves, grounded pistachios and thin dark chocolate pieces add a lovely finish.

Oreo Mousse - $4.90

Honestly, this was hands-down one of the best desserts I have ever experienced. Words cannot sufficiently describe the party that occurred inside my mouth upon first bite. My friend and I were in complete awe as to how divine this delicacy was.

So smooth, so light, so heavenly, you can do nothing else but let it simmer and ignite your taste-buds. With just one bite, it seems all the world’s problems disappear for a moment. The beauty of it is that it’s not overly sweet and there seemed to be a harmonious relationship between milk chocolate and dark chocolate which could turn anyone into a serious chocoholic. The Oreo biscuit piece was certainly the ‘icing on the cake’. Amazing.

Blondie Mousse - $5.20

It didn’t seem to do this dessert justice after following such a class act, which was, the Oreo Mousse. Nonetheless, this was another pleasurable dessert that resembled the flavours of a marble cake in mousse form. Right at the top, there sits a small piece of white chocolate with almost cream-like texture, which caters nicely to the true sweettooth. Placed next to this is a rather delicious piece of marble chocolate.

A really carefully constructed layer of white chocolate mousse sits upon a hardened base of milk chocolate. A common finding across all of the desserts I tried at Strawberry Fields was that the quality of the mousse was so superb. If anything, you could simply appreciate the effort gone in to perfecting the texture of the mousse, and the best mousse in terms of texture and consistency was in the Blondie Mousse. Just look how velvety it appears! Overall, this was a fine dessert.

The Dessertification

Without question, I know I will be back here again and again, as I cannot wait to try the other sugary and savoury creations offered at Strawberry Fields Patisserie. A truly great experience, I’ve personally told everyone that this is my favourite patisserie so far. You guys really need to check this place out, as I am super confident this sweet spot will attract even more crowds that it currently has. Remember, eat dessert first!

I have been dessertified!

Have you been dessertified by Strawberry Fields? Tell me more, below!

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