Have You Found Your Sweet Spot?

Fast Facts
Name: The Sweet Spot Patisserie
Location: 18 Perouse Rd, Randwick NSW
Speciality: The Mille-Feuille (Vanilla Slice)
Time Visited: 3:30pm
Store Closes: 6pm - Mon, 10pm – Tues to Sun
Seating: Plenty Inside and Outside

The Destination

You’ve had a fantastic night out in or around Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and you’re almost ready to go home. Suddenly, your tastebuds crave something sweet and the dessert options at that restaurant you visited probably would have compromised your dinner budget. What’s worse is that, good cafes and dessert places normally close in the evening, so where can you go that will really hit the spot and is still open late?

Situated in the heart of Randwick is what many UNSW students, as well as the locals, might call their second home – The Sweet Spot Patisserie. As soon as you step in, you instantly feel the need to stay for a while, with or without the company of your friends. The in-store decor ensures this feeling, thanks to the simple yet sophisticated colour scheme that adds a nice Mediterranean flavour, encapsulating the Greek heritage from which this patisserie was born.

Just like you might think Greek families are massive thanks to watching the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, this patisserie accommodates for a large audience, where seating is aplenty.

Speaking of The Sweet Spots’ Greek heritage, you can expect to find an array of traditional Greek tea-time complements, ranging from Baklava rolls to traditional shortbreads.

The folks at The Sweet Spot Patisserie also prepare and arrange sweets for all popular occasions, big and small, such as birthdays and weddings, and seasonal festivities such as Easter and Christmas.

Above all, you’ll be easily drawn to the dessert cabinet which is the true star of the show. Here are some of the delicacies that I would love to try when I go back, simply because they look like they’ll host an awesome party in my mouth.

The Treasure

As you might have guessed by now, I had trouble deciding what I wanted because simply, I wanted everything. So I left my dessert fate in the hands of a super friendly and informative staff member, who recommended the selection below.

“Sydney’s Best Vanilla Slice” - Mille-Feuille: $6.90

This was certainly a bold statement, which raised my expectations of the dessert every time the staff member made the claim (I think she said it about 6 times). Even if the title ‘Sydney’s best Vanilla slice’ remains to be seen, it certainly did not disappoint and in fact, it was one of the best I’ve ever had.

The top layer was soft and velvety with just the right amount of sweetness that wasn’t overpowering at all. What was fantastic was the slight level of saltiness that left a nice tingly sensation on my palate. The middle was a beautifully crisp and flaky layer of pastry which broke nicely upon my spoon’s penetration. The bottom layer consisted of Vanilla custard which was so creamy but light, and the base was another thin, crisp layer which ultimately made for a heavenly treat. I would go back for this alone!

Gluten-Free Range

Aside from the Vanilla Slice, the trio of Gluten Free desserts was recommended for me to try, particularly since these were popular among health-conscious locals.

Mango & White Chocolate Torte - $6.90

Mango and white chocolate, to me, is a match made in heaven and as such, there’s little chance that this particular dessert would under-deliver. Delicately constructed, this torte was soft and creamy with most of the flavour originating from the layer of mango and the gorgeous mango puree. The addition of the blueberry and strawberries, although simple, added a deliciously summery element to the dessert.

Pistachio Panna Cotta with Raspberry - $6.90

Breaking easily on impact, you’ll be interested to see a layer of raspberry jam embedded horizontally just below the top layer. However, despite the nice tanginess of this layer, the amount of sweetness overpowered the entire experience and could only be balanced with the nice acidity of the fresh berries on top.

Japonaise - $6.90

Being a self-confessed chocoholic, there is no surprise that this was my favourite out of the three Gluten Free selections. The layers of chocolate mousse covered in dark chocolate ganache was divine in its richness and intensity, but throw hazelnut meringue into the mix and you have a delight that tingles every single tastebud. Garnished with whole hazelnuts, this dessert seriously encourages my return.

The Dessertification

There’s no question that this place is one of the sweetest spots in Sydney, offering an array of beautifully hand-crafted desserts and sweets to cater for people with any kind of sweettooth. Open late almost every day, this is your one stop shop to unwind with your favourite book, or in the company of your friends, over awesome desserts. Check it out people! Until the next adventure...

I have been dessertified!

Have you been dessertified by The Sweet Spot Patisserie? Tell me more, below!

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