Get to know Dessertified

“Mum!! Where’s the chocolate?!", is a question I've often asked my mother numerously over the years. This is normally a question I would ask after unsuccessfully ‘searching the whole house’ for some sugary goodness. She knows that hiding my favourite block of chocolate or pack of lollies will help with my mission to stay remotely healthy during the week. However, there comes a time in a person’s life where the sweetest of cravings needs to be satisfied at any given moment, irrespective of time or day.

That amazing feeling you get when you finally discover or come across an object of sweetness, after continually searching for it, is what I like to call, being dessertified.

I realised that the copious amounts of effort and time spent searching kitchen cupboards and table drawers could be better used towards finding the best desserts and sweet spots Sydney has to offer. So I have set upon this journey of not-so-savoury proportions, hoping to achieve sugarific bliss at each destination, and to detail my experiences with you all.

Are you ready to be dessertified? Then click here to find out where you should visit next!

Johnny Bhalla
Chief Commander & Dessert Aficionado